Hong Kong / Philippines - 2009 / 2010

I had the chance of taking a 2-week break during the Christmas time 2009 / 2010. After visiting both Hong Kong and Philippines during my Asia 2009 tour I still felt like returning there - this time the intention was just to enjoy good beach life in some location not spoiled with too many western people.

I had heard good things about Palawan but getting there was a bit challenging - first you needed an international flight with at least one transfer to Manila and then another domestic flight from Manila to Puerto Princesa.

Anyway Palawan turned out to be a fantastic destination - beautiful white sand beaches with good swimming and diving. Apart from El Nido there were not that many western people to be seen!

Check out the photo gallery.

I did not write detailed notes this time - just enjoyed the good time before a busy period at work. Main destinations after Manila were:

  1. Puerto Princesa (day tour in the area - including the interesting crocodile farm)
  2. Sabang (famous underground river and a nice deserted beach)
  3. El Nido (after a long boat trip - excellent diving and interesting boat trips in the area)

After returning to Manila I spent two days in Hong Kong - main activity being the visit to Ocean Park where I tried all the possible roller coaster rides.

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