India - 2010

I did another business trip to India and had the chance to spend the weekend there. Of course I wanted to see Taj Mahal and the best sights of Delhi as well. I had just two days so I could not cover that much of the huge area though.

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I had booked a car with a driver to take me to Agra (some 200km away from Delhi). I stayed in some brand new guest house on the outskirts of Delhi - the driver had some trouble to find the place. The ride to Agra lasted for more than 4 hours - it was a terrible neverending traffic jam with heavy traffic all day long. I would recommend taking the early morning express train instead!

Taj Mahal was spectacular - but actually it looks more impressive from a distance than inside. The place was not that packed but it was really hot (over 40 degrees) but I still managed to spend about 2 hrs there. Definitely one of the most beautiful buildings ever! I also visited Agra fort that is quite impressive - after that there was the lengthy drive back to Delhi. A painful day trip but definitely worth it!

I spent the other day by doing sightseeing in Delhi. As it was really hot again it was not quite the perfect day for long walks. I visited Delhi Fort that was not quite that impressive after Agra fort. I did some random walks in the area - checked out the madness of the huge bazaar area and tried to enter the big mosque (but they did not like my dresscode). 

I took some auto rickshaw rides to visit some temples - the big Sikh temple being the most interesting one. But I cannot say that I was really impressed by Delhi's sights - it is one huge chaotic city with lot to be seen but not an easy location for a traveler!

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